Foundations of the Apostolic & Prophetic

Videos aim to educate on the apostolic and prophetic. The goal of video teachings is to clarify the apostolic and prophetic process, give language to spiritual dimensions of growth within the foundations of the church through teaching!

5 signs you’re being processed as an apostle
5 signs you’re being processed as a prophet

The Prophet's Chamber

The Prophet's Chamber is a monthly gathering for prophets and prophetic people to be equipped, engaged and encouraged. Review previous teachings to remain up to date.

Wisdom serves as the foundation for understanding. Properly applied wisdom yields every kind of good fruit. The prophet/ prophetic type untrained in the virtue of wisdom remains vulnerable and accessible to the wiles of the world. There's a wisdom of the world, and a wisdom that comes from God. It's pivotal to properly discern which realm of wisdom one is operating from.

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God gives the best gifts, including his son Jesus. Jesus gives gifts in the form of people (Ephesians 4:11) and the Holy Spirit gives gifts in the form of graces. Understanding the gift realm of God allows the prophetic realm to move from principles of sowing and reaping to the realm of giving and receiving. The realm of giving and receiving taps into His favor dimension, and allows the prophet/prophetic person to move beyond the natural into the supernatural.

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